About Frenchkiss

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    Frenchkiss Records

    Got a question or feeling lonely?: info@frenchkissrecords.com

    Frenchkiss Records was founded by Syd Butler, Les Savy Fav bassist, in 1999. We are a record label (Frenchkiss Label Group is not a record label, but a distributor for small record labels. Don't get it twisted.)

    INTERNSHIPS: please submit a PDF resume & availability: iwanttointern@frenchkissrecords.com

    DEMOS: We do not accept demo submissions via mail. Submit your two best songs (NO DOWNLOADS; emails with downloads get deleted!): info@frenchkissrecords.com with "DEMO" in the subject line. We listen to everything we get; if we like what we hear, we will contact you.

    If you want to send us love letters and/or exotic candies:
    111 E 14th St., Suite 229
    New York, NY 10003

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    Frenchkiss Label Group

    Web: http://www.frenchkisslabelgroup.com
    General Inquiries: general@frenchkisslabelgroup.com

    Frenchkiss Label Group is a hands-on boutique distributor, focused on growing visibility for independent labels as the bottom line. In the spirit of communities like Dischord, Rough Trade, Touch & Go, et al., FKLG will serve to nurture newer labels as they become industry mainstays. Created in Syd Butler’s image, with day to day operations run by Orchard alum, Deana Cosper, our goal is to create a community that can encourage and support one another. We hand pick labels who reflect the integrity of Frenchkiss and aim to expand upon this ethos. Since we’ve partnered with The Orchard, we can attest that we’re working with the best talent around when it comes to delivering and streamlining distribution and adopting new platforms for music. We’re striving to recreate the handshake mentality of pioneered label communities while using the Orchard’s innovative methods, in order to be the best resource for those looking to grow with us.

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    Frenchkiss Publishing

    Web: http://www.frenchkisspublishing.com
    General Inquiries: carlos@frenchkisspublishing.com

    Frenchkiss Publishing is a full service music-publishing company. Our bands: Les Savy Fav / Sun Airway / We Are Trees / Dana Buoy / Gauntlet Hair / Dreamers of the Ghetto / Exitmusic / The Big Sleep / Tripwires

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    Web: http://www.fkr.tv
    General Inquiries: justin@fkr.tv

    Syd Butler has partnered with actor-comedian David Cross and The Orchard Video Network to launch FKR.TV, and unite indie comedy with indie music audiences. FKR.TV focuses primarily on original programming, but also includes music videos, rare live performances and interviews by FKR artists, and unique content from the Frenchkiss archives. Subscribe to FKR.TV on YouTube!