Written on a work shift at a shipping warehouse in his native Brooklyn NY, the “You’re Mine” EP literally represents the shift when Devin became the songwriter he is now.  The 3 song EP contains what Devin calls his “first good songs”. Self-recording “busted demos” of them helped refine Devin’s sound: straight-ahead rock & roll with elements of soul and punk.  The songs also sparked 6 months of writing the material that would develop into the “You’re Mine” EP.

The “Romancing” LP was released by Frenchkiss in April of 2012. Devin is now touring the world to support his debut album.


Manager: Jazz @ Big Life

PR: Carla @ Sacks (US)
Anorak London (UK)

Booking: Mahmood @ Flowerbooking (US)
David @ Coda (UK & rest of the world)