PHILIP SUTTON: drums, percussion
RYAN McCOY: bass, percussion, vocals
MICHAEL FRIEDRICH: guitar, percussion, vocals

Hailing from New York City, Rahim are the new kids on the block, despite having already completed 3 tours and selling out of their first 2 7” releases. Over the past year of recording (with J. Robbins for an EP out on Frenchkiss Records July 26th) and touring, Rahim have come into their own. Sonically, the band is an amalgamation of Blonde Redhead, Q and not U, Fugazi and Sonic Youth, pulling influences from former torchbearers and catapulting the sound into something completely new.

The members of Rahim, Phil Sutton, Michael Friedrich and Eric Staciwo, began playing together in late 1999, under the name Radio Raheem. This early incarnation was a harsher, more aggressive trio than the current line-up. Their early live shows were the stuff of basement show lore and cassette tape demo fable across the suburban sprawl of Long Island, NY. It was not until late 2000 that Eric Staciwo left the band and was replaced by Ryan McCoy.

With the addition of Ryan, a new dynamic was brought to the bands already DC-influenced sound. Vocally and rhythmically the band was beginning to carve its own niche out of intertwined guitar/bass lines, dual vocals and drumming that would make fans of both No-Wave and Hip-Hop take note. Thought never losing its edge or artfulness, the band was beginning to craft songs that were both artful and memorable.

The Summer of 2001 saw the band record four songs for release on two separate 7” vinyl releases, a 3-song single on Zoo Music and a split 7” with fellow Long Islanders Knox Overstreet on Pony Collision Records. Armed with two 7”’s, the band hit the road in August of 2001 for a brief tour throughout the East Coast, Midwest and South. Upon returning home, both singles were out of print.

2002 was a year of writing and rehearsing, further refining their sound and becoming accomplished musicians. Their playing and songwriting both improved tremendously throughout this year, and the live shows became even more exciting and cohesive.

Excited by the success of their local shows and crowd enthusiasm towards their new material, the band hit the road again in the summer of 2003 for a month-long trek through the Eastern half of the country. Once they returned home, they quickly scrambled to throw together a winter tour for 2004, which occurred in January of 2004 with fellow rockers Gospel and Sheryl’s Magnetic Aura (now Meneguar).

2004 has certainly been an exciting year for Rahim, who had their most successful shows to date including shows with Red Light Sting, Year Future, Gogogo Airheart, Party of Helicopters, Decahedron, White Flight and Navies. In December of 2004, the band traveled to College Park Maryland to record a 4 song EP with producer J. Robbins. The fit was perfect and J.’s experience and ear were a huge help in shaping what would be the bands best recording to date…by a landslide.

2005 should be a very exciting year for Rahim. With expectations for touring, the release of the EP as well as their debut full-length, this is certainly a band you will be hearing a lot more about in the months to come.