The Bloodthirsty Lovers

*The Delicate Seam is Bloodthirsty Lover’s second full-length release
*The Band is the brainchild of Dave Shouse
*Memphis guitarist/vocalist formerly of The Grifters & Those Bastard Souls
*Began as a solo project in 2001-named after a pulp novel from the 50s
*Steve Selvidge, a cornerstone of the Memphis music scene (Big Ass Truck) & son of legendary Sid Selvidge teamed up with Dave in the Spring of 2003 for the creative construction of Delicate, collaborating on 4 of the 8 songs on the album
*The Delicate Seam was recorded at the homes of Dave Shouse and Steve Selvidge
*Dave’s “sequential recording” is a process of filling up his 8 track, dumping it into Pro-Tools, mixing to stereo tracks on his machine and repeating the process until the songs are complete
*Memphis Musician & Engineer, Kevin Houston mixed analog to half-inch tape
*Have shared the stage with Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips & Guided By Voices
*US Tour dates slated for Fall and Winter of 2004
*Suggested Tracks: #4, #6, #8 (#3’s a damn good one too)
*Instrumental breakdown:
*David Shouse (vocals, electric & acoustic rhythm guitars, piano, synthesizers,
*Steve Selvidge (lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic 6 & 12 string, organ, drums, bass
guitar, percussion loops, tone generators, background vocals)
With: *Kevin March (Guided By Voices on drums), *Katie Eastburn (The Young People lead & b.g. vocals) & *Ross Rice (piano).

David Shouse, best known as one of the frontmen for the Grifters, is the rare major figure in Memphis music whose work has no obvious local antecedent. You can point to Big Star’s beautifully bent anglophilic pop if you’re desperate, but Shouse’s singular sound—an atmospheric and arty mix of punk, prog, and glam-rock—is largely a universe unto itself around these parts…(His latest release is) a record in which rich, surprising soundscapes dominate. The opening “Telepathic,” with its spare, crisp guitar, atmospheric organ buzz, and brief, percussive vocals, could be a Radiohead outtake from Kid A or Amnesiac. Even more interesting are tracks that might be Shouse’s own version of soul music: The two-minute instrumental “Data Punk,” despite its title, might be the greatest melding of drum-and-bass and slinky ‘80s R&B in indie-rock history, while the funky bass line and hip-hop-worthy drum beat that lead off “Transgression No. 9” establish the song’s worth as the “underground dance mix” Shouse mentions in the lyrics. And if any of that scares you off, cue up track four, “2,000 Light Years From Home,” and luxuriate in the kind of soaring art-rock anthem longtime fans have grown accustomed to—the kind of song that, when Shouse sings of “waves of radiation tearing at my soul,” could very well be self-referential. All in all, this has to be the most exciting “new band” to hit town in quite a while.
Memphis Flyer

The new project of Dave Shouse (ex-of The Grifters and Those Bastard Souls), … blends smooth indie pop with electronic burbles, and seals the deal with a drummer who thinks he’s an octopus. All in all, the band cast a winning, hypnotic spell.